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Ajahneé By enigma__ Updated Sep 18, 2016

“Aaliyah,” he called softly. “You don’t have to do this, put the gun away.”                    

“Adonis, I have too,” I mocked, adding a drawl. “You know what I figured out? You’re just a sorry excuse for a man. Because you were having problems with your wife you came to me. Filling my head with all these promises and shit. And I believed them, all of them. That was my stupid ass fault.” I chuckled dryly while shaking my head. “You said you loved me, I believed that. You said you’d leave your wife for me, I stupidly believed that shit also. Then in the same week you turn around and say y’all gon’ be a family. We’re supposed to be a family Adonis!” I used the back of the gun to wipe away my fallen tears.                   

“Aaliyah please, I’m sorry—” Adonis began.                  

 “Fuck that! If we can’t be a happy family, then y’all ain’t going to be one either.” I squeezed my eyes shut and pulled the trigger, praying it hit her where I’m hurting, the heart.                    


       Aaliyah Moore is the other woman, the woman ever girl is taught to loathe. Careful because she could be closer to you than you think.                

       Adonis Kaufman, is the type of man every girl dreams of marrying. Successful, wealthy, sexy; what more can you ask for? How about commitment.

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flawless_9872 flawless_9872 Jun 20, 2015
I hate people like that, like don't take yo anger them cause u decided to sleep with a married man and suddenly there was a cage of plans. .. 
LiteralFantasy LiteralFantasy May 28, 2014
Great concept... Love the extract in the synopsis and the information about the main characters at the bottom.
Ysa_Arcangel Ysa_Arcangel Feb 20, 2014
I like the blurb. It's interesting to read a book from a mistress pov basee on the title this is her tale. I assumed she's your MC and that made it more interesting having an antagonist main lead.
bestbeeb bestbeeb Jan 24, 2014
Really good introduction! I like the names of the characters.
canIforgetthislife canIforgetthislife Jan 24, 2014
Wow! This is a great book already. I love the drama and the emotion.
cakeatthepityparty cakeatthepityparty Jan 21, 2014
This is great! The only thing I would say to fix is in the part where she shoots him, your wrote she shoots her. And in another spot I think you made a mistake in the part where you are describing her.
                              Amazing plot tho. :)