My True Mate #1.5 ✔️

My True Mate #1.5 ✔️

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'Sabrina, you're pregnant,' I stared at the Dr Johnson and the look of astonishment was my expression. Blood drained my face as I began to turn pale from the shocking news, my eyes impassive at I comprehend what Dr Johnson has told me. P-pregnant? I shook my head. No, it can't be, it's a lie

'No, you must be mistaken,'

'The tests came out as positive. With all due respect, I am a highly trained doctor and I do not ever make mistakes,' DrJohnson said gazing into my impassive hazel eyes.   'When was your last period?'

'I'm late, b-but I thought it was all the stress preventing my menstrual cycle an-'

'You have been with a man, am I correct?'

I nodded my head slowly, thinking about Alpha Jackson and our night on the full moon. But that wasn't supposed to happen, it was an accident we weren't meant to-


Sabrina Hastings is a teenager and the daughter of one of the terrifying Alpha's in the U.S. Been held home as a prisoner, not allowed to go outside and treated as if she's fragile glass, she runs away from home to have some freedom but who knew during her runaway-days she would find her mate - Alpha Jackson Steele.

Things start to get complicated between the two because of the age difference and her extremely overprotective father so they decide to distance themselves until one night, which leads to a miracle that changed their lives forever.

Would they still ignore their feeling for each other?

Or stay by each other's side and accept the miracle that they've received?


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CHIPOTLE01 CHIPOTLE01 Aug 08, 2016
If I ever said that to my Dad he break down the door and beat the sh*t out of me and then continue the conversation he planned on having before 😂
CHIPOTLE01 CHIPOTLE01 Aug 08, 2016
This is me and my mom😂 I tower over everyone in my family and I'm only 5'7