Elliptica High (Zodiac Story)

Elliptica High (Zodiac Story)

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Lianna Velvet Collins Anderson By Xx_LunarGalaxy_xX Updated Dec 05, 2017

Aries has been observing his classmates for a while, some of them has caught his attention. He knew something was up with them, he knew they were different. Just like himself. 

But while the zodiacs struggle to form a group of teenagers with unusual abilities, others are planning to sabotage their friendship. 

Along the way, secrets are revealed, friends are broken, relationships blossom, and families are torn apart. 

How are they going to go through this all? 

((Warning: There are dark secrets that may be disturbing. Read at your own risk.))

((Art and Videos aren't mine, they belong to their rightful owners. Each video is a clue to one of the zodiac's past.))

((Chapters may be a bit short...))