The Boy In The Attic

The Boy In The Attic

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des harlot By StickItStilinski Completed

What I felt for him was different than anything I'd ever felt before. It wasn't that I wanted to give him my heart or that I wanted him to give me his. It was just the simple fact that I could reach into his soul and he could see past the shade that covered up who I was.

I would've done anything for him and maybe those secrets he'd kept under the surface would test just how far anything went. That one little question and the answer I knew nothing about could change everything I'd grown used to.

"How am I supposed to save you?" 

"Find me." 

Warning: Contains mature content, mild language, and some content that may be triggering for readers.

  Copyright © 2013-2016 by StickItStilinski
 All rights reserved.

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Trailer: @Valuables
Cover: loml elena

harryhasafatass harryhasafatass 3 days ago
oh wow I just remembered the ofc in this fic is Nina. gotta reread ladies
localani localani 4 days ago
shît i really slept on this book and now it's completed and is in the wattys shiiiiiit
localani localani 3 days ago
u ungrateful bicth tke the rum befour i make u slep n a boxx
first timerr from tokyo! ;) excited because there are so many rr!
localani localani 2 days ago
i get what she saying but him and gemma sound different and i've met other people from cheshire that sound different from harry, lmao i think he just has a deep voice sis