The Broken City of Crows

The Broken City of Crows

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"I branded myself a slave to set the captive free. I became an outcast to bid the downtrodden rise. I stood my ground before the wolves to keep the hunted safe. Your walls won't cage us any longer. Let my people go!"

Amos, the son of a slave trader, yearns to put his family's atrocities behind him. Saremis and Emery, young slaves and Amos's only friends, dream of freedom from inside their locked cages. 

A narrow escape thrusts the trio into a world that wants them back in chains...or dead. As their band of outcasts grows, every day becomes a fight for survival. From forests where beasts howl to a city on the verge of tearing itself apart, Amos and his friends embark on a quest for ultimate freedom.

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havnoideawhattodo havnoideawhattodo Nov 01, 2017
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Came here due due to a recommendation, interesting chapter. Reading the story's details and tags ... I was thinking maybe I'd read something like the Underground Railroad. "Let my people go!" Sounds like the songs of old times during slavery.
Prince_Levi Prince_Levi Jun 19
This first chapter definitely gave me nostalgia from when I was back in High school reading the Inheritance Cycle. Bravo for a very interesting and luring chapter!
I don't spend much time on Wattpad anymore but I'm here for this. It might take me a bit but I'm eager to read more.
Athli-AOF59 Athli-AOF59 Dec 14, 2017
I love reading this, and I haven't started doing my homework^_^  What a great beginning of the story.
No one deserves a nameless grave in an unmarked strip of ground ... but you can't do much if you never asked her name or know the person, as in the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington, Virginia. He will always remain a mystery.