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The Broken City of Crows

The Broken City of Crows

766 Reads 114 Votes 7 Part Story
Nate Philbrick By NatePhilbrick Updated 3 days ago

Three young slaves flee captivity only to face a world that wants them back in chains...or dead. Every day becomes a fight to survive. From the savage wilderness to a city on the brink of tearing itself apart, they cling to the one thing that keeps them going: each other.

"They call us crows because we're vermin to be exterminated. I say we're crows because we survive, and someday...someday we'll even fly."

mildenze mildenze May 15
This is how I would want my book to look like, overall. But obviously you're doing a much better job than me. Hahaha Great work, man.
nagels_bat nagels_bat 3 days ago
It's so sad so far :( It's a very serious topic. I like the characters but I hope some comic relief shows up soon.
KyleRobertShultz KyleRobertShultz 7 days ago
Great first chapter! It establishes the world and characters really well and leaves me eager to read more.
*squeals* I like this already! :3 The young characters seem charming, and I desire to toss "the men" over a cliff. :3 ^_^ Can't wait to read more! :D
KR_Williams KR_Williams 2 days ago
A very solid first chapter that really shows their terrible situation perfectly.
I really like this opening!  One thing, when you said "it had been cold for days" I wasn't sure if you meant the hand or the temperature outside the wagon. Just thought you might want to know how a knew reader interpreted that!