The Broken City of Crows

The Broken City of Crows

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Nate Philbrick By NatePhilbrick Updated a day ago

Amos, the son of a slave trader, yearns to put his family's atrocities behind him. Saremis and Emery, young slaves and Amos's only friends, dream of freedom from inside their locked cages. 

A narrow escape thrusts the trio into a world that wants them back in chains...or dead. Every day becomes a fight to survive. From the mountain forests where beasts howl to a city on the verge of tearing itself apart, they must cling to the one thing that keeps them going: each other. 

May 2017 - Ongoing
Highest ranking to date: #291 (fantasy)

nagels_bat nagels_bat May 26
It's so sad so far :( It's a very serious topic. I like the characters but I hope some comic relief shows up soon.
Great first chapter! It establishes the world and characters really well and leaves me eager to read more.
sophieri sophieri Jun 21
I like it very much and, as everyone already said, amazing first chapter!
saponi205 saponi205 Jun 25
You have a  great balance of description and simple sentences so the reader feels engaged, but not overwhelmed
KR_Williams KR_Williams May 27
A very solid first chapter that really shows their terrible situation perfectly.
RemoTheJerk RemoTheJerk Jun 03
Captivating first chapter! The trio of protagonists have strong chemistry. One question though, will there be magical elements in the story?