The Rebeginning {An Apocalypse Story} On HOLD

The Rebeginning {An Apocalypse Story} On HOLD

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L.C. Harrison By GoldFantasy Updated Jul 23

One explosion shook the world and almost knocked it off its feet. But fate will always have its way, this time with flesh and blood to eat...

Ten years after a chemical explosion that brought the world to its knees in a wave of long-lasting deadly storms, strange weather in unthinkable places, and a bloody flu, things seem to have truly returned to normal. But something even deadlier stirs, dwelling in the bodies of its inevitable victims. The world had faced and won the battle for the existence of humanity, but they did not win the war. A new threat is soon to wake, and it brings hunger for flesh and blood.

Follow the lives and the journeys of four survivors who's decisions and actions will define who they are in the last days of mankind. 

PG-14 advised with some strong language and gory scenes. Posts occasionally.
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