Love Is Not A Fairytale |✓

Love Is Not A Fairytale |✓

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He caught me by my throat and threw me on the ground. As soon as I fell against the floor, he caught my arm and pulled me up... pinning me to the wall. He held my hands over my head with great force. I cried out in pain... 

"SHUT UP!! " he yelled and I bit my tongue trying not to cry. 
"Because of you Ranjana left me!! Because of you!!? Don't ever think you can take her place, just because you look like her.. you came here thinking you'll be loved and cared! Forget it, the next thing you will be doing is begging me to leave you.. I promise you Ms. Sanjana Kapoor, you will pay for is, you will beg me to let you go, you will experience hell!!! " he said and left me wrist standing a foot away from me. 

I caught my wrist in pain. It was bleeding buckets. I looked at him with teary eyes. 

"A-Arnav at-at least- " he cut me off by slapping me. I cried out. 
"Shut up I said!! " he yelled and I pressed my lips together. 

He walked two steps back and smirked at me. I stood there, trying not to break down. 

"Now strip... " my eyes widened at his words.. 

'Love is a fairytale dear... ' my mom always told me but, no mom... 

Love Is Not A Fairytale

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