Playing With The Alpha

Playing With The Alpha

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Nahana15 By Nahana15 Updated Feb 15, 2016

Taking in everything he said. Did I really want to start something I knew wouldn't last? I still wanted to get back at Randi. If he could claim someone who wasn't his mate why couldn't Zayne?

I didn't care anymore, I wanted revenge. I wanted the alpha to feel the same intense torment as I do

"You do know how marking works?"

I shake my head, I had no clue. Zayne walks closer to me, barely leaving any room between us and slides his hand around my neck and the other around my waist. 

"It'll only work with our clothes off." He said hinting at the meaning. He pulls back and looks into my eyes for any hesitation or second thoughts I might have, but there were none.

 I looked him in the eyes. "Do it!"

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bishweh21 bishweh21 Aug 30, 2015
You can't immediately recognise your own voice it sounds completely different to you than to other people
Roseey_Redd Roseey_Redd Aug 25, 2015
woww way to make me feel special Lol but seriously u don't need him u better off
alltimealyssaaa alltimealyssaaa Aug 23, 2015
I wouldn't of even have it to them I would of dragged them by their ears to my house tie them with a rope to a chair and slap they with a loaf of bread
deathxkat deathxkat Aug 22, 2015
if I was her I would have said mister watever ur name is I have ur food so.I can give it to u whenever I want
Nahana15 Nahana15 Aug 06, 2015
@mvraptor Thank you and I Hope you like it even more as you read on. also ik there's Alittle of mistakes that have to be fix but Thanks for kindly telling me!!!!
DearKittyKat DearKittyKat Jul 22, 2015
The crap! Appearances aren't all that! Besides he didn't even give her a chance (still loving the book though)