Like Snow

Like Snow

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InfinityLand By InfinityLand Updated Mar 27, 2014

"Why do you call me that?"     

"Everyone has been calling you Snow Queen since you transferred schools and you're just now asking why?" he asked incredulously.     

"Yeah, I guess I am."    

He looked straight into my eyes and said, "It's because you're like snow; beautiful and cold."

letmebethequeen letmebethequeen Dec 01, 2016
I finally found this book!😂❤ I read it but then lost it  😥 But yass
yourbestknightmare yourbestknightmare Aug 20, 2015
Rejected rejected you just got rejected 
                              Give me an r give me an e give me a j give me an e give me a c give me a t give me e give me an d 
goldfwish goldfwish Jul 16, 2015
My whole family likes to observe people and we call it "people-watching"
neverenoughbooks neverenoughbooks Jun 08, 2015
No desk, so she probably does her homework on the coffee table and couch and she probably has built in wardrobes or a walk in
savlikesreading savlikesreading May 23, 2015
that sounds like an awesome bedroom! I have one window lol I'd love to have a whole wall of glass
JulieLikesPandas JulieLikesPandas Apr 06, 2015
ANd where is her closet...or does she have her clothes on the floor xD