Thug love

Thug love

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✨ By moeanna_ Updated May 17, 2014

Thugs can't love 
They can only fuck.
Hit in quit before the night is over

"Hi my name is Jakayla in 25 in I'm in love with a thug ",


" fuck me daddy " 
Is all I herd when i walked in to the house, dropping my duffel bag on the floor. I ran up stairs to me in Jaylin master bedroom.
I stood at the door, in counted to 3, then busted in door. In saw my old friend Daranisha ! Riding Jaylin, dick. "What the fuck is this!" I said 
"Oh baby, I thought you had cheer practice today?" jaylin said. 
I start yelling at him . In thats when daranisha , tired to leave the room !
But I did the sharkiesha on her ass, then I blacked out in start beating the fuck out of out of her. That's when I felt so one snatching me off of her , so I just started to kick her in her face. 
When Jaylin let me go I ran in the closet in got my gun, I said "if anybody move, I will blow there fucking head off. Jaylin, tired to help Daranisha up, but she kept falling. 
I asked "jaylin why would he do this ...

    ilovethugs100 ilovethugs100 Dec 02, 2016
    look here people if they don't wanna go over their book for typos then they don't have to like damn it's they book not yours be glad they wrote or updated it 😒😡😑
    im_the_realest1 im_the_realest1 Mar 12, 2016
    Yp I think she fanna try to take him cuz she say she gat big crush in him
    Keepit3hunnid Keepit3hunnid Dec 30, 2015
    Why can't writers read over what they wrote before publishing. These misspellings I can't deal.