From Ashes Forged ⚔☠

From Ashes Forged ⚔☠

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Samantha Leonard By AlcinaMystic Updated Dec 30, 2018

The Flying Saints have returned. 

     Known for their brutality, the pirate crew has one goal: to capture the siren who escaped them and steal her powers for their captain, Renei. With those powers, any man who hears her would be under her thrall.and no one, be it pirate, soldier, or sailor, could stop the bloodbath she would leave in her wake.

     Ashen has lost too much to Renei and her crew: her brother, her closest friend, and almost her father. Now that she is the only thing standing between them and their goal, she refuses to back down, even if it will cost her life. 

     Dyena has been the pirates' captive before, and she would rather die than let them use her again. The problem is they are more than willing to kill her--once they have her voice. 

Sequel to Shatter Like Glass, From Ashes Forged is a story of betrayal, swords, and of course--pirates.

-Rivals Saga Book Six-

Updates Saturday's.

Highest rank in Action: 160

Highest rank in Fantasy: 597

The beautiful cover is designed by @italychick ! Go check her out! She is seriously amazing!

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