Procrastinators on Stage (Chris Kendall/crabstickz fanfic) *unedited*

Procrastinators on Stage (Chris Kendall/crabstickz fanfic) *unedited*

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(Book 3 of the Procrastinators Series, set in September 2014 -but can be read independently from the series-)
"Relationships end. Relationships end in three ways: you split up, one of you dies, or you get married. There's a two out of three chance that it won't end well. It's not exactly encouraging."
Jamie Gail hates relationships in real life. Relationships in literature and film, that she can deal with, but risking such a real life rejection? No, that's not on her agenda.
So when Jamie moves back to London to partake in the audition process to become Elphaba in the theatre production of Wicked thanks to the prompts of Jamie's childhood friend Carrie Fletcher, why is it that Jamie tries to attempt real life shipping to get her new flatmate together with the girl he's been pining over for a year? Not to mention that the girl he's forbidden to love is already in a relationship of her own, or that this flatmate practically hates Jamie. Breaking up other relationships and putting them back together in a different alignment with new people isn't meant to be done, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. And besides, who likes seeing people unhappy?

(NB: I do not own any songs, quotes, shops, fandoms, brands or any of the YouTubers' rights mentioned in my story) ALL RIGHTS OTHERWISE RESERVED, Copyright © EmmaChameleon

(loosely inspired by Chameleon Circuit's 'Kiss the Girl') Contains swearing, illness, some dark thoughts, and talk of depression.

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ShannonTheDragon ShannonTheDragon Aug 17, 2016
*Chris' voice* Unda tha sea, unda tha sea *makes waves with hands*
- - Oct 18, 2016
Oh my gosh, this is crazy!!! I read this book like a year ago, not knowing it was  a series, and then I read the first two just now! That's crazy to me!
orangecat2007 orangecat2007 Jan 03, 2017
As soon as I read twisting my ring all I could think of was Tyler...
                              I'll leave.
SmoulderingShadows SmoulderingShadows Oct 10, 2015
Motion sickness is evil!!!!!  I have yet to find something that actually helps motion sickness.  :(
niamahar niamahar Aug 21, 2015
Thank you so frikking much for putting Kiss The Girl on it's my favourite song xx
heartxout heartxout Jul 19, 2014