Underestimated- book 1

Underestimated- book 1

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#3 in Recruitment
Melody Hope Halloway. Eighteen years old, Senior at Jacksonville High School with a 4.5 GPA, former kickboxer and taekwondo champion, black market hacker, and was charged for attempted murder two years ago but found innocent. Not to mention one hell of a killer attitude.

Oh, did I forget to add EXTREMELY secretive? Well, there's more where all that came from.

Need any other reasons for the perfect agent to an unknown, secret government agency that recruits teens to make the best killing machines the world has ever seen and go after the worst of the worst in the crime world?
I didn't think so.


"I was hoping I wouldn't have to say this..." Zack muttered to himself, looking back up at her. "Melody, we're Agents. Mercenary killers, murders, assassins, whatever the hell you want to call us. And you were just recruited."