The Bad Boy Loves Dora

The Bad Boy Loves Dora

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Mahi By Lord_Raccoon Updated Nov 12, 2017

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I massage my left eyebrow as my head is still pounding from last night. Ava was right. I shouldn't have taken a challenge of taking shots. But come on, the winner would get free food by the opponent for a month. 
Free food. I reminded myself as I blinked looking around, I did it for free food. 
Last time I checked I didn't have Dora's pink alarm or Dora's rug in middle of my room. Where am I?
"Morning, Cranberry." I heard husky voice beside me and I screamed. 
He chuckled looking at me with his half-asleep eyes. Why couldn't I scream? Did he cut my tongue?
Oh, NO!
The dickass tied my hands, legs and let's not forget there's cloth around my mouth. 
I flared my nose as he slowly removed the cloth on my mouth.
"You are Christian Grey with a twist. You like Dora?!" I whispered/yelled wriggling the cloth from my hands and legs.
"What? Don't tell anyone." 
Beauty, Intelligence, Talent, Charisma, and Hungry-Always hungry; Sydney Emerson is everything you'd look for in being queen-bee. She is 17 year Aline High Schooler. She is popular for her straight A's, beauty, hilarious and la-mae jokes and accepting any challenge. 
Let's add Sydney's five best friends too. 
Note: She will cut you if you break her friend's heart.
Which leads us to the party thrown by Ethan Campbell on school night to start first day of school 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' as he says. 
Note: Ethan played with Sydney's friend.
What happens when Drew Timothy, a rebellious player, charming, poised and virile; Ethan's best friend returns to the Aline High School, he left four years ago? 
Ethan throws a challenge to Sydney in his party. She accepts it. 
Meh, it's a high school party, what could possibly go wrong?
But it's not the night of the party anything goes wrong. It's the morning after the party is over. 
  Let's find out what happens?

Amazing cover by: ariject

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HxteLeWerido HxteLeWerido 20 hours ago
Lmao I call my school onion school because why?
                              cuz.  It's almost close to the word onion because the bathrooms always smells like onions (WHICH I HATE)
Inkpads Inkpads Dec 28, 2017
She's hot, she's funny, she likes food, she knows anime....
                              What's not to love?
wishuponapotato wishuponapotato Dec 28, 2017
I don't really like her, but she's a character in this book, so I have to get used to it
_harsiddhi_ _harsiddhi_ 5 days ago
Well i dont hv to copy yours... My life is itself a story for me😉
vcienn vcienn Dec 29, 2017
lol i did that at home cause i wanted to see how fast i could go long story short i went to fast and flew into 2/3 doors