Hate or Love but you are mine 2. ✔

Hate or Love but you are mine 2. ✔

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"No!! Absolutely not, fake or real I am not getting engaged to you," Rinky shook her head.

Karan smirked and took lazy strides towards her; he looks like beast, broad shoulder, toned arms and oh!! So amazing carved face, top two button of his shirt was open showing the outline of his hard chest. Rinky gulped hard, his nearness always makes her weak.

"Like what you see?" He smirked caging her between him and the wall.

"hun...wh..what?" she stuttered . 

He looked down at her his eyes landed on the V of her shirt, he wanted to caresses and kiss those creamy smooth skin but he shook this thought and slightly leaned on her "why are you stuttering tigress, are you scared of me?" he asked in a low tone his lips touching her ear lobe. "Rinky Khanna is scared of Karan Oberoi." He laughed winking at her.

"No I'm not" she pushed him and look into his eyes, "why would I be scared of you Mr. Oberoi?" she tip toed and pulled him by his collar, the scent of his cologne filled her nostril driving her crazy with desire.
Karan smirked, he's aware of affect he has on her "Then prove me wrong" he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her up. He just needs 10 days with her in his London home to show how much he love her and secondly she is the one who can stand beside him in saving his sister and hotel from his own step-mother. 

"I don't need to prove anyone" she said trying to move away from his arms. 

"I know you can't proof yourself, it's true that you are scared of me" Karan smirked holding her more tightly.

"No I am not; I am not scared of anyone" she said proudly. 

Karan arched his brow "I dare you, say yes for this fake engagement and prove me wrong my little tigress" he said in low voice,  he looked down at her, his voice was serious and his eyes were daring her to say yes and prove herself.

    I am not good with English grammar so please do not hate me for this but I promise you that this story is nice so please give it a try.

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