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layla By iscoalarcons Updated Jan 24, 2014

Chester Davies wasn't normal. At the age of seven, his mother sent him to a mental hospital. Her reason? He killed things. It started out with a little bird he owned, then a cat, then a dog. His mother put an end to it, before he got anywhere near humans.        

Twelve years later, Chet was back to living a normal life. He went to school, had straight A's, had a group of friends he relied on. His life wasn't so perfect, but he was grateful. Until his childhood monsters come back for a little visit.          

And Chet, once again, began going to his therapist, who had grown tired of him. His only advice was to ignore them and continue living with the hope of ever having a happy life again.         

But Chet cannot simply 'ignore' them. They leave him awake at night, crawling underneath his bed, wrapping their thin fingers around his throat. They tear at his skin, their laughter ringing through his head. The only way to stop this is to do what they ask him to do.          

But a group of four mysterious guys have other plans for him.        

No matter which path Chester decides to take, nothing will be the same again.


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