#abindon fanfic written by @paige_h_ on musical.ly

#abindon fanfic written by @paige_h_ on musical.ly

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Lol memes By speedobeebo Updated May 08, 2017

#Abindon fanfic. 

   "Brendon! Sarah's listening to 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies again'! She's calling Dallon a whore. Fix it!" Abigail said once again as her daughter Sarah started to hum again. Brendon walked in awkwardly, looking at Sarah

 "Again?" Abi nodded as Sarah asked innocently,

 "How come Dallon isn't a whore?" Brendon laughed almost doubling over. Before Abi glared and he straightened up.

 "Honey, Dallon isn't a bride... Or a groom for that matter..." Brendon tried to explain, Sarah nodded.

 "So Ryan is a whore?" Brendon shook his head,

 "No one is a whore, honey. Besides! That's kind of a bad word." Abi face palmed before saying,

 "Kind of?!" Brendon looked at Abi,

 "Weren't you the one that got in a fight because someone said that I was married to them instead of you." Abi looked away before muttering 'It was a serious occasion!' 

  Dallon walked in with Ryan both of them staring at the phone in Dallon's hand.

 "And as promised, say hi to our dad Brendon!" Ryan e...

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