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It's Just a Camping Trip (Discontinued)

It's Just a Camping Trip (Discontinued)

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Miles11011 By Miles11011 Updated Jun 22, 2015

Ever since they were little, Aaron and Charolette were always teased by their parents that they were going to end up together one day. That's just how it goes, really. If your parents' friends have a child the same age as you and is the opposite sex then you two are just 'destined' to be together. 

There's just one little problem. Aaron and Charolette hate each other. With a burning passion. Of hate. Not love. HATE. 

But their parents refuse to even acknowledge such a proposterous fact. So, the two families decide to go on a camping trip over the summer, forcing both Aaron and Charolette to go. Teasing parents, sibling battles, maybe not so harmless pranks, and more hatred, what could go wrong? I mean come on, it's just a camping trip.

mili_augustine mili_augustine Oct 09, 2016
This reminded me of the song rowley's family sung in the "Diary of a wimpy kid".
- - Mar 20, 2016
It's the start of something new; it fells so right to be here with you, oh!
blup223 blup223 Jul 26, 2016
That's how me and my sister talk to each other 😂😂😂😂😂
Queen_of_hate Queen_of_hate Feb 21, 2016
are you kidding me, I think everyone knows the answer man continue!
jenna_plank jenna_plank Jul 02, 2016
MOMMMMM your embarrassing meh🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
queenofhearts014 queenofhearts014 Dec 07, 2016
Watch when Connie turns out to be lesbian and so is Alexis😉😉