Fate and Destiny [Akashi x Kuroko / Kuroko no Basket]

Fate and Destiny [Akashi x Kuroko / Kuroko no Basket]

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Rainee - HIATUS By WinterRaineeDay Completed

"Then, let's make a promise that only I can sing your songs." That was the forgotten promise after the incident that erased his entire memories of her and everything else. They were torn apart. 

As time goes by, his memories began to resurface. A beautiful bluenette whom takes the name of a renowned musician, HEAVEN shows up in his life once again. The beautiful melodies resonates from his childhood memories made him realized that she's more than HEAVEN.

Can Akashi Seijuro, who was a written fate laid out for him, escape from it? 
Can Kuroko Tetsuki stay strong facing the challenges of life as her destiny awaits for her? 
Will they be able to fight their Fate and Destiny?
AkaxFem!Kuroko , Hints of Yandere!Kise Ryota

[3rd Place in Best Shipping Couple in KNB AWA 2014]
[3rd Place in Akashi Seijuro in AWA 2014]

Cover by Levee_Ayzis

hatssendayo hatssendayo Apr 13, 2015
I want to hear, Kamiyan play with Akashi's voice and sing a song. It's better if he sing for this story, blues/rock/punk whtvr genre that suit Akashi band haha
hatssendayo hatssendayo Apr 13, 2015
Akashi play band? Especially he's the vocalist?! Wow! You rock author-san! XD
VanillaMilkshakeGirl VanillaMilkshakeGirl Apr 04, 2015
I'm speechless here. (Don't know what emoticon to put. I'm shocked and smiling at the same time xD ) 
                              I want to feel the girl's soft and warm touch too! I bet it's smooth and same time warm...
potatertot potatertot Jan 01, 2015
Why didn't I read this amazing book earlier? I thought Frozen Melody was amazing and now here's another awesome book. I am ready for another trip of feels, I got my tissues ready. Loving this fanfic already >.<
BrightStarrySky BrightStarrySky Dec 31, 2014
≥u≤ This is my first time reading this book and the first chappie is thrilling! :3 I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! ♥
sugary-snow sugary-snow Sep 25, 2014
                              this first chapter though
                              why is it so perfect
                              why is akashi so perfect
                              why is everything so perfect