Among the Wicked | Original

Among the Wicked | Original

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WITCHSONA By kmbell92 Updated Sep 01, 2018

For as long as they can remember, the children at Owain Corporation have been told that they were sick. Infected with the M-19 virus, the children know they stand a strong chance of dying unless they take their medicine daily. Ember Diem has been a victim of the virus throughout her entire childhood and recently turned eighteen, she can't take it anymore. They live in a control environment, their only glimpse of the outside world is what they see through a televised screen.

Without a curse, they are to remain confined and to Ember, there's no sense in living when she can't experience everything that life has to offer outside of the building. Coming to terms that she will be facing death, Ember conspires with her best friend, Rami, to stop taking her medicine, once and for all. However, just within the first day when they miss their morning dose, they are suddenly feeling good.

Really good.

And to the people at Owain Corporation, that's really bad.

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SeveeTheShinyEevee SeveeTheShinyEevee May 15, 2018
Ah so the days of ember is..... baaaaaaaaack!
                              I LOVE that book
Merlintheowl Merlintheowl Aug 20, 2017
This sounds amazing... I usually read your Harry Potter books but I decided to try this
bramsgreenfeld bramsgreenfeld May 10, 2017
I've read something like this, but instead, they were told to have an eye condition and be forced to wear eye contacts. I loved that story, so I think I'll love this one as well, it has a lovely sounding plot!
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo May 17, 2017
this looks exciting!! i read the tags and i think i can say that once i'm done with this story, i'll claim it to be a favorite <3
bEWARE_itisLife bEWARE_itisLife May 12, 2018
This sounds like a book that will be one of my favorites 😍
- - May 30, 2018
Hey look this sounds like The Giver
                              I like The Giver