Love Poetry

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Kyle By TheStreetsOfVerona Updated 3 years ago
This must be my receptacle for all of my love poetry, I now take pity upon your soul.
awe. that was so ADORABLE. Does this just pop up in your brain or something? Because something written like that doesn't grow on trees!!
@TheStreetsOfVerona Couldn't have said it better myself! Going with the flow is probably the best take, no matter how cheesy it is. :D
This is so romantic <3 
                                    This is Shakespear worthy. If you wrote this for a specific person, then I hope you got that person (:
You sounded a lot like Oscar Wilde in this, and believe me, I love Oscar Wilde :D
Awh, he sounds love-struck. Got some teenage guy in there, I'm sure?
Every time I'm blown away.
                                    I don't know what to say.
                                    IT RHYMED!