Genesis Gryffindor and the Fight to Survive - Book 4

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Yulia Romanov By Yulia_Romanov Updated 2 years ago
It's Genesis' fourth year and she is permanently back at Hogwarts. This year is special as it brings together the three wizarding schools for the TriWizard Tornument. Friendships will be tested, relationships will grown stronger and some will even fall apart. A few students will die and others will escape near death. Will this be Genesis' last year? While the school is focused on the TriWizard Champion the real battle for survival is happening and Genesis is a part of it.
genesis gryfindor and the minstry of magic 
                                    just an idea not real
can't get enough, by the way are you going to finish the little doe or is it on hold forever
When do you think the next book/update will be for this series?
Update soon I love this series it's just to good, but yay team Fred prevailed *does weird happy dance *