Light and Dark | Harry Potter

Light and Dark | Harry Potter

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Jillie Lupin is Remus Lupin's daughter. She was going to Hogwarts soon, and with the additional stories she's been hearing about her dad, mom and their friends, she couldn't wait.

When Jillie steps into Hogwarts, life steps up. There, she meets Harry, Ron and Hermione, along with a few enemies and such. Being such a hot-head, Jillie has a lot to learn through the years, with a few exceptions of friends, enemies, boys and magic.

But as the years go, Jillie has an idea on one thing: There is and will always be Light and Dark.

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anyone read "the last verse" and how she has a big impact in the story?
ACM_12345 ACM_12345 Jun 02
That is SO close to mine!!!!
                              Mine is only 186 days away....
CarynaMarya CarynaMarya Sep 02
I'll be forever alone...without a birthday the way, my birthday is 6th February
The next time someone gets told off by Dumbledore I'm binnacle say: YOU JUST GOT ALBUSTED!!!
She got her name because Remus is a huge fangirl and shipped James and lilly  so he named her Jilly just spelled it different so it wouldn't be noticeable so he named her Jillie
this is great story, please check my profile and some stories you might like when i publish 'em