Low pay, New chance        Grimmjow x Reader (Book 1)

Low pay, New chance Grimmjow x Reader (Book 1)

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𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕪𝕊𝕖𝕟𝕡𝕒𝕚 By HollowBlood Updated 10 hours ago

You are silent yet stubborn girl that wants to help her parents and not let guilt knock on her door as the time passes. You had hell of the jobs with bad co workers that would always take side with customers and attack you, changing your view of people and deciding to give up on humanity and friendships, but the first time you've met someone that stood up for you.  
Was that just in the heat of the moment? 
You were completely sure that the strange mascara guy hates your guts.
Suddenly your co workers are changed as you at first worked with older women and now work with people close to your age.

You thought you were gonna have your la la la land and fiction about Grimmjow but alas he has a girlfriend and you hate that guy's guts. But is that really his  girlfriend?

What is she to Grimmjow Jaquerjack?

One day in the shop you saw the dark haired man starring at you, and then fell down taking all the boxes with you.
You thought it was some kinda of the ghost of the previous owner of the shop.

Going through face accusations again, preparing for the worst case scenario by your colleagues just because one small lie from blue eyed man's girlfriend. Will they protect you or take the side of their boss again, or hey even customers? Throwing your chance of survival again, making you go through new workplace or actually defend you making you have faith in humanity?

When Grimmjow finds out about his Girlfriend's lies being in the scary house on careless day off with all co workers including you  and try to talk to his girlfriend about confessing the truth,  you decide to make him keep it as a secret not even bothering to clear your name up.

Read it at your own risk

(I do not own Bleach Characters aka Grimmjow, plot is based on some true moments of my life as I worked for low pay and had terrible co workers, but lime and romance is made up by me, though lovely dowely moments with two co workers sucking each others face was true story and I am still disgusted by it)

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