Promise the Sky

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The city of Harborne is one with a troubled past. Its influence once wiped out an entire nation and, in return, it brought the wrath of the Dragon-Kin, of Bron and the Viper, down upon its walls. For over a year it survived, protected by the subtleties of its location, by the ocean and the rain, until its fate was eventually sealed by one of its own. In this world where everyone is born with magic, Edward Montgomery, who somehow had not a scrap of power within him, turned his heart to darkness and let the serpents through Harborne’s battered gates.
    And though this happened seven generations ago, there is still a saying in the city that survived Bron: “No magic leads to dark magic”.
    Which wasn’t a problem when Kiara was a child and could disappear from sight with nothing more than a simple thought. Only now she’s inexplicably crippled, with no magic to speak of, and the horizons beckon. She’s headed East, to the Mirror City, because they say a man can buy anything there, anything at all. And anything is exactly what she’d give to get her magic back. She’s willing to face dragons for it.
    Lucky, really, since Ben is tired of this power he cannot control, and he’s headed East too, to see if he can’t just sell his.
    **** Watty Award Shortlisted (Most Imaginative Setting) 2012 *****
I love this story  and it would mean so much to me if you could just check out this short story I wrote? Thank you ❤️❤️
Loving how well this is written! So refreshing to find a gripping story with good grammar! :)
Read the first three paragraphs and added it to my library. 
                                    I'm very very fond of this story and am excited to see where it's going to go!
Mystery intrigues me and I find myself curious. Like they say.. Curiosity killed the cat.
We all thank you Bethan, for taking care of this talented author. When's the next taste testing for those wonderful baked goods? lol