Coven | Underworld

Coven | Underworld

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Stella Purple™ (Reverse Harem) By StellaPurple Updated Aug 03

Why you should read this story:

#1 If you like vampires, duh!

#2 If you're into reverse harem (with possible erotica menage at later date).

#3 The first novel to ever have different types of vampires.

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                              Date: August 2, 2017, 11am EST.
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                              @MakiOnyx @TheBrownOne608 @littlemonkeyninja
Please release the story soon. Can't wait to read, from the summary it sounds pretty good!!
MakiOnyx MakiOnyx Jun 04
I hope you post the entire novel on Wattpad for this one.  It sounds really interesting.
Vampire + reverse harem 
                              I shall give you my honor to make this book. #FTR
RukaWinter RukaWinter Aug 03
Yay for reverse harem and at later date I'm going to nosebleed sprees