Dark as a Raven's Feathers (Levi x OC)

Dark as a Raven's Feathers (Levi x OC)

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This girl, this unusual girl, she was an interesting being.
This girl was talented and smart, and more significantly, his equivalent.

Through suffering and pain, she has become an unbelievable human who is capable of a lot.  Even capable of changing a certain cold man's heart.

She was stubborn and defiant.  She didn't listen to direct orders and she talked back.  Yet, why did he feel this way? Why had she weaseled her way into his heart?

It's because she was interesting. That, and her hair that was as Dark as a Raven's Feathers.

Disclaimer- I do not own SNK (Attack on Titan) or any of the characters that are from the series.  I do not own the Cover picture.  The only thing I own is my original character: Danielle (Raven) Nightrai.

Being honest first reading your characters description made her sound like a mary-sue. Heck she probably is one-
*me looking at the cover of the book* heh heh, do I sense a Levi around here
cookieyokai cookieyokai Aug 20
I typed in 'smut' in the searching bar and this showed up first well ok i still love snk 😂
Luleraina Luleraina Feb 06, 2016
Holy fûck she's two inches shorter than short stack? She must be really flipping short!
Confidence_is_key_ Confidence_is_key_ Mar 21, 2016
                              Sorry, I just had too much sugar today....
Unicornmadness6826 Unicornmadness6826 Nov 14, 2016
Omg is some one doing the girl version of levi and making him fall in love with that girl version-??!?!?-?-?!?!?!??-?-?!?-?!?!