Little Brother (On hold)

Little Brother (On hold)

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injured? good. By vkbloodgood Updated Oct 01, 2019


Morien, a knight of Camelot, narrowly escapes his own execution at the hands of the wicked King Arthur. Barely alive, he flees into the forest of outlaws, where old magic and the few who remember it may be able to help him. 

Deep wounds and deeper mysteries lurk within the woods. Morien is not the only one who has lost everything to Camelot. With the aid of a mysterious witch, an ancient guardian, a band of fierce rebels, a half-god warrior, and a cheerful talking head, he will embark on a quest to save the kingdom and find its true king- the one whose throne Arthur stole. 

Morien will face many challenges as he seeks Camelot's once and future heir: gathering armies, deadly enchantments, forgotten gods...but none as great as his own destiny. 

                                                                      ...COMES TO LIFE.