A Brutal Mate [COMPLETED]

A Brutal Mate [COMPLETED]

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Autumn Wilson By xoxo_a18 Completed

"You're going to pay for that, you bitch." Tate Richardson sneered at me. If looks could kill, I would be six feet under right now. He was covered with my lunch that landed on him, when I was tripped. He wiped his face off of the mashed potatoes, and flung it towards me, where it hit my face. The entire lunch room was silent right about now.        


Payton Daniels and Tate Richardson. She’s a human. He’s a werewolf. She’s abused by her parents who are drug addicts and alcoholics. He’s grown up with a loving family. She takes all of the hits and the insults to keep her little siblings safe. He’s a brutal, ruthless werewolf, who likes to inflict pain onto others… for fun. Join the journey between Payton and Tate through all of the brutal heartbreak and pain that they go through. What happens when she meets another wolf who's got his eyes on Payton? What happens when Tate's clock is ticking? Will they make it till the end?

  • abuse
  • addiction
  • alcohol
  • alpha
  • beta
  • brutal
  • drug
  • human
  • luna
  • mate
  • parents
  • rejected
  • surrender
  • wildfire
She let them know she sometimes has $?  They would bleed her dry, even if They had to threaten the little kids to get her to pay up. She would have NO savings to run away with.
VegetaIsSenpai VegetaIsSenpai Mar 17, 2017
My foster parents used to drink and do drugs... It really is destructive and the abuse is the worst
__Lysiaaaaa __Lysiaaaaa Aug 10, 2017
I'll ignore this for the sake of the story however in real life, all social workers (daycare, schools, etc.) are mandated reporters so they'd tell instantly for the simple fear of being prosecuted if anything happened to the kids & they knew of the things that happened in the house 🤷🏻‍♀️
FYI, not reporting the abuse would be illegal and cost the daycare their license.
obliquetae obliquetae Jan 09
East Coast? Warmer weather?
                              Florida's your only shot.
                              Once you start heading north...you wont even rmbr beach weather. 
                              (From a Jersian; jersey shore and everything, yet I'm freezing atm)
alishaxfaith alishaxfaith Jul 19, 2017
Wooooo! I'm excited to started reading but I have to sleep soon bcuz it's 1:24 A.M rn