Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth · (Roswell Fanfiction) ·

Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth · (Roswell Fanfiction) ·

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Josephin By maxandlizbeliever Updated Apr 30

The white cradle with the white canopy came up so quickly in front of me that I bumped into it. It shook in its meager foundation and on quick reflex I reached out to stop it from tumbling over. 

The crying was at its loudest now, signifying that I had reached my goal. There was no hesitation, only purpose, as I leaned over the white-painted wooden cradle, its interior clad with white cotton. The moment my eyes fell on the crying baby, my heart stopped. With a cry of fear, I fell back one step, putting distance between myself and the baby, but I could still see it clearly.

The baby's skin was dark gray, almost brownish, and wrinkled. The skin looked sooty, as if it had been rolled in ashes. I could see its sunken black eyes, the (too many) fingers and the (twelve, there were twelve) toes. Its skin looked like dried paper, over-tight on the thin tiny body. 

Even though the baby looked like it had been dead for centuries, its mouth - with its bottomless blackness - was producing the familiar and normal sound of a distressed, and very much alive, infant. Although the baby looked like it had not eaten or drunk anything in years, it was moving its arms in agitation and kicking its legs in frustration.

The deep black eyes flickered to my face and I staggered backwards. The crying continued, with tears rolling from those staring eyes, filling me with the most encompassing grief I had ever felt.

The appeal for forgiveness was instinctive as my hoarse voice mumbled, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." 


UNBREAKABLE - SURVIVING THE TRUTH is the tale of lost civilizations, aliens, hybrids, secrets and the forced bridge between two worlds. But mostly, it's about love. The forbidden love between a hybrid boy and a human girl.

Author's Note: The characters are based on the characters from the TV-show "Roswell". This story does not follow the original outline/plot of the show, but still focuses on occult topics.