Social Suicide (On Hold)

Social Suicide (On Hold)

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Britni By xalwayssxforeverx Updated Mar 26, 2011

Social Suicide, the famous pop band, are just trying to live as normal a teenage life as possible in high school while still balancing out their music careers, but how can someone be normal when you are constantly being chased by paparazzi and have a concert or studio time at the biggest record label company of all time every week. 

Brianne Lacy Dobson aka Blaze has the most amazing life anyone could ever ask for. She has know Drusceilla aka Dru for short, Travis, Cameron, and Colin since pre-k. Their families all live in the gated community of Waterview in Rockwall, Texas. When they were younger they even all went to the same music school together learning how to sing and play instruments. Their parents never dreamed that one day their children would be famous, but even with the fame they still have the normal dramas anyother teenager would have. Best friends, crushes, love, lust, players, enemies, and school work of course.

Can these five teen sensations get through the every day dramas or will the fame be, too, much to bare and cause their lives to be turned upside down? Can Blaze finally admit to Travis how she feels? Will he feel the same? Will Colin find a girl that can actually keep him interested? Will Cameron ever give up on his man whorish ways? And will Dru ever tell Blaze the secret she has been keeping from her? Read on to find out. :)

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CocoMarshall CocoMarshall Dec 09, 2012
Oh, I like it and I hope that the story come back soon !! :D
JaeJarBinks JaeJarBinks Mar 27, 2011
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Holy shizzz! I am now freakin hooked! Love this!
amandarose amandarose Mar 26, 2011
Awe, thank you for dedicating it too me! This is a great idea... :D
whitetea_ whitetea_ Feb 25, 2011
Hahahahah bitch just got owned XD lol this is great, I think you should continue it   =P xoxoxo
raquel104 raquel104 Feb 09, 2011
@xalwayssxforeverx Well, it looks pretty good to me! There might be a few mistakes here and there, but I think it's good/ If you think you could put something better in there, go for it, I guess, but I would personally focus on getting the next chappie out! 
xalwayssxforeverx xalwayssxforeverx Feb 09, 2011
@raquel104 haha that would make it so much better. i was wondering if i should rewrite some parts? what do you think?