The One Weakness (manXman)

The One Weakness (manXman)

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Raphael By RaphaelTheRaider Completed

Derek owns a small pub on the border between the nice neighbourhood and the Orcus in the city Pareo. One day his friend shows up, and the mafia right after. 

Warning: This is a manXman story, so if that isn't your cup 'o tea then this is not the story for you. Also any 'intimate' scenes will be posted for themselves.

New cover made by Elfie (@WriteDrunk_EditSober), thanks a lot! 
Previous cover made by meisgabrielle (thank you~)

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I'm actually taking all this to memory...I'm supposed to be in vacation not back in study session.
zosan2000 zosan2000 Jan 20
So basically anyone that's referred to as something I can't pronounce is someone important, cool.
andregheto andregheto Feb 23
My name is Giovana so this one ia probably the only one I'm gonna remember
lifeispain225 lifeispain225 Aug 15, 2016
It's time's like these that I'm glad I have a very great memory :-)
sickbabe sickbabe Jul 22, 2015
there's no way in hell I'll remember those till the end of this book, but I love it already!