The One Weakness (manXman)

The One Weakness (manXman)

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Raphael By RaphaelTheRaider Completed

Derek owns a small pub on the border between the nice neighbourhood and the Orcus in the city Pareo. One day his friend shows up, and the mafia right after. 

Warning: This is a manXman story, so if that isn't your cup 'o tea then this is not the story for you. Also any 'intimate' scenes will be posted for themselves.

New cover made by Elfie (@WriteDrunk_EditSober), thanks a lot! 
Previous cover made by meisgabrielle (thank you~)

Janeeeet Janeeeet Jul 13
The real question is, is out main character cursed with this or is it out main characters love interest. MY BODY IS READY.
It's time's like these that I'm glad I have a very great memory :-)
Collecter45 Collecter45 Aug 24
He really is a great brother but bro WTF if you want bread come to a fangirls  house im  sure she will give you a feast if you read yaoi with her
A91011 A91011 Jan 27
This lady obviously never had a paper it cause that ish hurts (ー ー; )
Booksyaylol Booksyaylol Dec 09, 2015
uhh im pretty sure paper cuts hurt like a lot lmao but whatever
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Sep 12, 2015
well we know someone's going to break that curse! *wink wink nudge nudge*