My Guardian Angel

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Marie Ives de Firman By Image15works Updated 3 years ago
Night accidents are the most common accidents that brought children in jeopardy. But some at all, didn't survive. And to the survived children causes them to have dreams or nightmares, but some suffered from trauma or phobia that leads them to a situations that never forget for rest of their life. But to a boy named Rain, he was confused of why he survived that horrible night, alone. Leaving himself the only survivor that force him to live in the orphanage with other motherless children. It was hard for him to accept that his one and only father died, which made himself as an orphan. While he stayed there in the orphanage, he manages to escape from bullying. But each night, he dream of a girl that saved his life during the accident. Though, She was His Guardian Angel. 
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Excellent!!!!!... I'm so surprised at this chapter.. :)
Excellent!!!!!... I'm so surprised at this chapter.. :)