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The Witch & The Werewolf (The Royal Mate Series: Book One) (Complete)

The Witch & The Werewolf (The Royal Mate Series: Book One) (Complete)

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Nicole By MissyNicole93 Completed

Thousands of years ago a Witch fell in love. But this love was not ordinary. She fell in love with a wolf. No one knows how or even why but she had spent most of her life trying to find a way to turn the wolf into a man. But when she did he betrayed her and killed her family. She had sworn revenge on him. And on her dieing breath she had it. She cursed him to forever remain half man half wolf. Ever since then Werewolves and Witches have been mortal enemies killing each other on sight. 

But what happens when a Witch falls in love with the soon to be Werewolf king?

crybaby_deatheater crybaby_deatheater Dec 25, 2016
My sister right there. She seriously said the same thing and even tried it. She's 16.
AWinterDrop AWinterDrop Jul 02, 2016
You could've named this book 'Ogling the Enemy' and it still would've made as much sense as its actual title.
kenlovesme kenlovesme Feb 08
And then I thought were's go to school is a movie. I'm about to search it on the youtube. Hahaha idiota
AWinterDrop AWinterDrop Jul 02, 2016
'They have done nothing wrong' he thinks to himself in history class. That one sentence was irony at its finest. I applaud you author.
Celestial_Spark Celestial_Spark Mar 03, 2016
It's not even the witch's fault
                              Her lover betrayed her and killed her family so of course she would curse him
Ace-of-ALL Ace-of-ALL Aug 27, 2016
I know I'm already liking this story because I can tell ur trying to make it easy to read! So organized! I love it!