Badass Rogue

Badass Rogue

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*Extract from Badass Rogue*

I aimed for his neck but he turned me around, tangling his body with mine. Frustrated, I elbowed his face and I backed the fuck away. "Give up?" He asked quietly, his heavy breathing echoing. 
I scoffed. "You're fucking kidding me, right?"
"I don't want to hurt you." I watched him as he spoke, I quietly chuckled at his pathetic attempt to make me lose.

"Fuck you!" I ran to him with my exhausted leg and used my strength to push him back. He caught me and threw  me to the ground, causing a enormous pain to travel through my back. I pulled his body so he fell to the ground, he pushed me away and turned our bodies so I was facing him. I writhed in my spot, attempting  to get away from his grip. "Don't move." He demanded.

Before I could answer, his lips were on mine.

-Editing + wrote this ages ago so it does have many problems with it, not my finest work I have to admit so be warned.

Same. My friends are kinda annoyed  by it sometimes but they love me. Who doesn't.
Egreeley Egreeley Jun 23
Every time I see a hot guy, I just want to personally thank their parents for making something so beautiful 😍👌🏻😍
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People already know what's up with the Title😂😂😂😂
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*i have a feeling that i need to wash my eyes out with holy water after this
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*Sips holy water* forget this sh*t I'm gonna need a bucket of holy water...*Jumps into ocean of holy water* yep this might be good oh wait don't forget my bible *grabs bible and puts on fake reading glasses* okay now I'm ready for this chapter