Badass Rogue

Badass Rogue

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*Extract from Badass Rogue*

I aimed for his neck but he turned me around, tangling his body with mine. Frustrated, I elbowed his face and I backed the fuck away. "Give up?" He asked quietly, his heavy breathing echoing. 
I scoffed. "You're fucking kidding me, right?"
"I don't want to hurt you." I watched him as he spoke, I quietly chuckled at his pathetic attempt to make me lose.

"Fuck you!" I ran to him with my exhausted leg and used my strength to push him back. He caught me and threw  me to the ground, causing a enormous pain to travel through my back. I pulled his body so he fell to the ground, he pushed me away and turned our bodies so I was facing him. I writhed in my spot, attempting  to get away from his grip. "Don't move." He demanded.

Before I could answer, his lips were on mine.

-Editing + wrote this ages ago so it does have many problems with it, not my finest work I have to admit so be warned.

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Crezvena Crezvena Feb 15
When did you become a ninja? What happened to your wolf? Are you a hybrid? Wait are you from the ninja bloodline?? Is that why you got purple eyes?
Crezvena Crezvena Feb 15
The old man gets richer and richer every minute. He cannot be outdone.
addictlywriting addictlywriting Dec 28, 2017
I'm a smartass my booty a genius 
                              I can feel my boyfriend shake his head while just typing this calling me brat well oh well
My kind of confidence is the kind to do something embarrassing/crazy in front of ppl even by accident
Sophie_popo Sophie_popo Mar 09
It's good to have confidence ,just don't get cocky ,there's a difference
Crezvena Crezvena Feb 15
I sense the vibes of your bipolar thinking process which is somehow exactly like mine.