Bleed (Alec love story)

Bleed (Alec love story)

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Secretly a vampire By vampireowl Completed

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"Meggy" I shouted up the stairs. "Megan....Megan Elizabeth Grove get your lazy arse down here now!"

"Jesus, I'm coming give me a break" Megan slurred as she trotted down the stairs.

"Mum said we could go to Volterra today" I smiled.

"Really cool just gimme 10 minuets" she breathed.

"Come on we only have an hour to get to Volterra" I said grabbing her wrist and pulling her out the door. We had a 45 minuet walk to Volterra and we were going to the Volturi palace in the centre. "Are we there yet" Megan moaned.

"Look it's just over there" I squealed and we ran over to a tour group that was waiting out side.

"What time do we need to be back?" Megan asked glancing at her watch.

"Ummm two o'clock so we have three hours" I smiled.

"Where did Mum go?" she asked.

"Oh to some fallen down building" I rolled my eyes, why go to an old wreck if you could see a b...

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