The Pack

The Pack

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Leslie By Wildfire31 Completed

Lost and broken she escapes a fire only to realize that she doesn't know who she is. Soon enough the broken ten year old wolf bonds with Alpha and his PACK.  Ten years pass and something is drawing her to a human dwelling called a mall.  Alpha says the human male, Dallas, that she watches is a werewolf and her mate.  Then he tells her something that shatters her world.  She is a werewolf too.  Will she go to her mate and remember how to be human, bad memories and all? Or will she abandon her mate to the call of the wild?  And what happens when she discovers that Dallas isn't her only mate?  In fact, she has TWO more?

A/N:  Wasn't planning on it but I pulled in some characters from Nothing, Standing, and Falling.  Maybe I should do a character list.  I just can't seem to help myself.

Adult:  MxMxMxF

  • alpha
  • mate
  • omega
  • wolf