My Mate Is Killing Me [COMPLETED]

My Mate Is Killing Me [COMPLETED]

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🐵 By Rjberger12 Completed

For eight years, Jade Fawn hasn't had the best luck. Ever since her parents were murdered, she has been tormented every single day by her pack yet she still has hope that they will come to accept her.

She dreams and wonders constantly when her mate will come into her miserable life. To give her another reason to continue on living but what happens when she does find him? As soon as she found out that Alpha Alex Knight was her mate, she's been feeling sudden pains throughout her entire body. The feelings of rejection that take a major toll on her. With every attack, Jade and her wolf become weaker and... Evil.

Will her abusive mate and mysterious vampire be able to prevent her from what she'll become?


I always assumed that pain was temporary. That only time can take away one's suffering. Even though it's only been a day that I've been taken away, it feels as if it were decades. In just this time, I really wish I was dead. "Come on, kitten! You can't keep passing out on us, it's no fun!" The man said followed by laughter. I kept thinking to myself, what was so funny?


WARNING: This story has abuse and strong language so if anyone is sensitive to that, please do not read. Also, any and all homophobic comments will be blocked. Enjoy!

Changer_1998 Changer_1998 Mar 07, 2016
I haven't read it yet but I just want to comment on the tag. The main character is a girl but there's a tag that says 'boyxboy'...I almost screamed "I LOVE YOU"...well just so ya know
sweetzzz sweetzzz Jul 20, 2016
Sad sad sad the only hope u should've is to run and don't leave a note alright
Then the little fucktard realises his mistake..I hope its too late. I really do😢
sweetzzz sweetzzz Jul 20, 2016
I'm a alpha female and boy do I want to kick some alpha male ass.
-pureless -pureless Mar 19, 2016
white skin white skin white skin white skin white skin white skin white skin white skin white skin
HowlingSkyline HowlingSkyline Jan 21, 2016
And here comes me with a frying pan. *whack* come on people if slapping her is funny, hitting Ashley with a frying pan, repunzel style, is even funnier. Come on people start laughing.