Secret ASIAnts

Secret ASIAnts

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Kelby Heinz By jadeskye Updated Jul 24, 2013

Jonghyun and Taemin are best friends and ninja assasions who have been sent on their next mission where they must attend college, become friends with Minho, Key and Onew, get information from them, then kill them. The only problem is Taemin broke the number one rule of being a ninja assasion. He fell in love.




my type of ninjas: Okey my ninjas are kind of like the ones in ninja assasion. (if you havnt seen it well....then....nvm) and the dude from assasions creed.(if you don't know that well then maybe you should looks these things up!) they have this thing that controls them like in some vampire stories the vampire has a hungre that sometimes takes over and they have to fight it, well it's like that except it's the need to kill the person there marked to. It also takes over when they get very pissed off so they learn to control there emotions very well. i'll try to explain it better in the story

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