The Pack (Wolf Book 1) (Editing)

The Pack (Wolf Book 1) (Editing)

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Ally/Alex By ThexForgotten Completed

He has a secret, a secret that could get him killed. 

Beat up at school Jake does nothing against it, but soon tables are turning, because he's realised something rather big,  and now the secrets out.

Tylar is the alpha, and a damn good one at that. The elders want him to find his mate... now. 
And Tylar is happy to oblige, because he knows exactly who his mate is.  But it's not all as simple as he thinks.

**Wolf series book 1**

*All rights reserved @ThexForgotten*

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Part-time-ghoul Part-time-ghoul Apr 25, 2017
I don't see how a statement becomes a rule, but hey.  What can I expect from a book that doesn't follow the simplest grammar rule: Uppercase all the damn I's!
BTShip BTShip Nov 04, 2017
THAT'S NOT A FVCKIN RULE DERRICK! So go suck it! (This book has me so hyped to go character hunting)
Recess and break mean the same thing, you don't need both. It's like saying I went to eat my food snacks. You only need one of the two words, putting both in looks and sounds odd. Sorry for nitpicking!!
JackieAppling JackieAppling Aug 04, 2017
I hate bullies, I hope they get whats coming to them real soon..
0takuHime 0takuHime Mar 24
Why are all Derricks designated bullies? I have one in one of my stories too XDD
Ooohhh he gona get it now where you live I got a stick and I ain’t afraid to use it!!!!!!!