Redemption [malexmale]

Redemption [malexmale]

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[Book 9] Thorn, Son of Lucifer and Guardian of Purgatory. His life is a miserable lonely cesspool, until one day Hades and Lucifer cut a deal that involves a particularly sexy Greek god residing within the confines of Thorn's home. And for a man that loves forbidden fruit, Thorn will do anything to get his hands on the youngest son of Hades, Ambrosius.


[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

  • demigod
  • devil
  • god
  • greek
  • hades
  • hell
  • lucifer
  • mythology
  • satan
  • son
_tamera_698 _tamera_698 Jan 23
I'm so used to the 7 sons of Hades, it's hard to grasp that there's an 8th son and Theo is no longer the youngest
mukecide mukecide 3 days ago
is it even a gay fanfiction if no one is wearing a turtleneck
mukecide mukecide 3 days ago
i’m automatically gonna see him as alaric saltzman and no one can convince me that he is anyone else