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She's That Street Racer||✔

She's That Street Racer||✔

605K Reads 19.3K Votes 56 Part Story
😌 By leavethots Completed

Not really much to say except that she's an illegal street racer under a different name. He is the guy she beat in a race. He is also the guy who's been lusting after this mysterious girl who put his sorry ass in place. 

Anastasia Parker, the girl who went unnoticed. Exceptional grades, amazing friends and a Bugatti Veyron as her ride home. She's always been the sarcastic, witty girl that her friends love and boys end up friend zoning.

I know you can relate.

But here's what you can't relate to, she's the star street racer with a slut act at the tracks.

Riley MontClaire. 

And he...well he's a dumbass who thinks he's all that until they cross paths one night and she beats him in a race.

Xavier Kingston. Rich, charming, hot, funny and did I mention hot?

Well, you know what happens next in wattpad stories right? They hit it off. Become friends. Become lovers and live happily ever after.

Well, that's not all, find out more in She's that Street Racer



Highest Ranking: #1 in Love. As of January 19, 2019.

#2 in Friendship as of Feb 22, 2019
#1 in Teen Fiction 
#1 in Drama

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