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Virginity Game 2

Virginity Game 2

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Kait By MrsTomlinson1004 Updated Jul 13, 2015


Jace didn't want to be a player, why would he? He had a girlfriend that he really cared about, He wasn't interested in being a player. He didn't want to try and have sex with a bunch of girls but His mind was soon changed. Now he's determined to win. There's one problem with him becoming a player in the virginity game though, he's not to fond of following rules and the virginity game has quit a lot of them that the players have to follow. The questions is what will happen if Jace breaks the Virginity game rules? Will the original players have a problem with a player who can't follow the sacred rules of the game? Welcome to the the 3rd generation of the virginity game everyone.

ivyspiral ivyspiral Jun 28, 2016
To all blondes that are offended,
                              You need to understand that most of us here have had /a ton/, not just a few, enough to actually be able to believe all blondes are like this.
                              If you're a nice blond, good for you! I wish I (and other people) have met you earlier!
grapey_yo grapey_yo Jul 26, 2016
i dont know if i should hate him, like him, both, or none of them
AlessiaOnePilotZ AlessiaOnePilotZ Sep 02, 2016
I guess they forgot about they struggle and emotional rollercoaster
ivyspiral ivyspiral Jun 28, 2016
I'm really getting many mixed feelings now,
                              I have this crush and his name is Isaac,
                              And he has a friend named Caylee (or Kaylee, pretty sure it started with a c though)
                              And I used to get upset because I thought they would end up dating
AlessiaOnePilotZ AlessiaOnePilotZ Sep 01, 2016
Hiya buddy.. Still kinda sore about Dana and Soph, but. I'll live
Boothangzz Boothangzz Aug 29, 2016
Am I the only one who thought that was caaaaauuuuuuttttteeeeeeee