the Thermidorian Reaction

the Thermidorian Reaction

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In an alternate modern Britain, an upper class of gifted individuals called the Elites use their ability to alter lifespans of the lower class Timeless to coerce those seeking to exchange labor for these privileges. And when the alternative for the Timeless is to live in outpost towns on the scraps of their subjugators, laboring for their cause either way, the proposition of immortality is even harder to ignore. 

After the murder of her father, Aerin refuses to trust the Timeless. As the heiress to one of the most powerful Elite families, she is surrounded by them, but never gets too close, and never takes a side as her brother takes over rule of the Elite Council in the wake of their father.  His tactics, however, are high handed and one sided, causing riots and uprisings within those Timeless brave enough to stand up.

When a new Timeless comes to the Windsor home, everything Aerin thought she knew about her world comes crashing down. He is challenging and mysterious, his fearless stance and unapologetic ability to force Aerin to question the system she was raised on opens her eyes to hidden agendas, and also the chance of love with someone forbidden. 

The struggle between the two sides becomes deadly, as diplomacy turns to dictatorship to enslave the Timeless and grant the Elites unquestionable power. No longer will there be payment in years and a chance at immortality for work. For the Timeless, you work, or be eliminated.

But when it is revealed that her fathers death was a plot to overthrow Elite rule, the blame placed on the shoulders of an underage Timeless, Aerin can no longer pretend this is not her fight. A shocking discovery forces her to seek refuge with the Timeless rebels she once feared, turning her back on both her kind and her family. 

Aerin finds herself suddenly caught between what she thought to be true, what she is discovering as real, and what she feels is right as the revolution for freedom begins.

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TahliePurvis TahliePurvis May 03, 2017
Oh my god that summary was amazing, literal chills! This sounds so gripping, I'm excited to read!! ❤️
isolatedstar isolatedstar May 06, 2017
The summary already had me hooked, I don't know what I am feeling right now! This is soo good!😍
TahliePurvis TahliePurvis May 06, 2017
AHHHHHH. Oh my gosh okay. The sensory detail in this is amazing, I love you're writing it has such an easy flow and amazing imagery. This was heartbreaking, I loved every minute!