Don't Forget Me

Don't Forget Me

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"I once promised him, his battles were mine. I promised him I would always be on his side. But now I can't be." 

Book 2). When I died and I did die, I think, we were at war. Why I'm still alive I have no idea, your guess is as good as mine. Now that I'm awake I've witnessed my second worst fear, SHIELD falling at the feet of HYDRA. And the worst part is that Steve and I saw him again. It wasn't a hopeful dream, it was the real thing, he was real. My worst fear of course was that he didn't remember us, but now I doubt he can forget us. I know I can't forget him. 

Anna Smith the director of SHIELD is now alive more than ever. She's not the same but she still has the power to bring HYDRA to her feet. She can ruin HYDRA, SHIELD and her new relationship with Steve Rogers all in one move. But Anna can't forget the man she thought was dead 70 years ago and she plans on making him remember her too. 

I don't own any of the Marvel Characters. I do follow some of the plot of the movies but I have my own ideas and characters. 

1st Book- Remember Me
3rd Book- Don't Lose Sight Of Me

Cover By: _spoiledbrat

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saturnthehero saturnthehero Feb 13, 2016
What did you use?!? TRANSMUTATIONS?!? Because I'm pretty sure we all learned from Full Metal Alchemist that trying to bring a dead loved one back could cost an arm and a leg. 
                              ...along with your brother.
Nightstar24 Nightstar24 Jan 11
THIS (insert a slew of really horrible cuss words)
                              I'm honestly beyond cuss words for this jerkwad
Dorisagent101 Dorisagent101 Apr 06, 2016
BECOME A SUPERHERO, didn't happen D: I use all my 11:11 on this :3