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Mysterious A

Mysterious A

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❤️ By DymonSkies Updated Aug 28, 2015

Aalea Harriss is rude and gorgeous, with her constant pushing and mean remarks, one would think Amare Jordan would take a hint and keep it pushing. But this lovesick, young fellow cant seem to keep himself from Miss. Mysterious. Look into this romance novel, and read as it proves, opposite do attract!

Vakimbria Vakimbria Mar 14, 2016
This is how I feel  when ppl ask me to a someone else's party
KmB279 KmB279 Jul 24, 2015
yet says nothing what of that? Her eye discoures. I will answer it. if you know who this is your the real mvp
abbymcp abbymcp Jul 02, 2015
whenever I try to lose weight i dont but when i dont try i do smh
abbymcp abbymcp Jul 02, 2015
i use to want to  be  short but then i started wearing heels and saw how good they made my legs look and that i look like a model so now im good wit being thick and 5'11
KelahTheGoddess KelahTheGoddess Jun 30, 2015
This remind me of when a boy was trying to holla at me and I kept dodging him, until he made me mad and I said leave me alone. He said the exact words.
KelahTheGoddess KelahTheGoddess Jun 30, 2015
Chris Brown,Chris Jay,Tupac, and Daven from Vine I think can pull that off.