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Lab Rats Bionic Heart Fail

Lab Rats Bionic Heart Fail

102K Reads 3.3K Votes 39 Part Story
Meg By LadyOfTheStars902 Completed

Ali just switched from her school to Mission Creek High, hoping to come off as a tough girl not to be messed with. Soon she meets Leo and his step siblings, Bree, who already declared herself as Ali's best friend, Adam, a man child, and Chase, a seemingly annoying brainiac. Ali becomes unwillingly drawn into their world. Chase opens himself to her and in return, Ali returns the favor. Will she know how to handle it, or will this be a massive bionic heart fail?  SEQUEL IN PROGRESS

DreamlessNarwhale DreamlessNarwhale Mar 29, 2016
Ima just say even though you probley won't see this comment automatically started reading because of the name lady of the stars with a pic of Matt smith as the Doctor
CallMeTacos CallMeTacos Oct 28, 2015
I call school in different name : Hell Hole, Prison, Tartarus, a dark bottomless abyss, etc.
PurpleMonkeyGreenPig PurpleMonkeyGreenPig Oct 05, 2015
I am happy I'm able to go to school, knowing that while I'm there I can add more people to my torture list
galacticgallows galacticgallows Sep 25, 2015
I call school a dark, black abyss filled with pain and suffering and the souls of the damned
rockergirlz rockergirlz Feb 06, 2015
Will Ali change cause I don't really like the mean side of her but I'm sure she's jus being mean because she really likes him
luke_is_a_child luke_is_a_child Nov 20, 2014
I hate Aline, she's really mean. And i don't think Aline is good for Chase, if i were chase i'd say: I am who i am, and if you can't accept that, then you're not worth me, you don't have a right to treat me as if I'm your pet.
                              I don't think Chase and Aline should ever be together. She's too mean.