The Big Bad Legend

The Big Bad Legend

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AliBwaBwa By MellowDramatic Updated Nov 16, 2014

"Everyone thinks they know all about us.Our myths legends traditions. They mock us. We do not have packs anymore. We do not have Omegas and We do not have freedom" 

       "But you have me"He said his voice shrivelling up my restraint and captivated every inch of me pulling me towards him. The lust and desire swirling in the air between us intoxicating each other with our scents and arousal.I closed my eyes in pain,if I don't restraint myself ,I will never be able to stay away from him.I will not be able to get enough of his smell

         "That's not enough"I spat               

     Tecusa is a Lycan.In her world her kind are not treated with the upper most respect they had before. Fifty year. There is a camp all wolves are sent to and it's all an evaluation to see if you are suitable to be in a pack. If you do not fit the role as a pack member you are killed on spot,but if you are. You become a killer worse than you can fathom, this is what she was running from

Until she got caught                                                       

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Book IV in The Big and The Bad Series

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