On the Other Side

On the Other Side

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A Girl Who Loves To Write. By MissPerfectFlaws Updated Jan 22

Coming from a long line of wealthy, important and successful people, Laila Jenkins has quite the reputation to keep up.

Her life is clean. 

No scandals or anything from her personal life that could tarnish her name.

And that's simply because she has no personal life.

Not having a man or kids didn't bother her before but as she watches all of her friends create their own families, it starts to eat at her. 

That's why when she meets her perfect man at her friend's wedding - she wastes no time. 

Hakeem Morrison has had to work hard for every penny he has owned.

Having to support his family of five, things have always been quite hard for the 27 year old.

Especially when he gets his heart broken by his childhood sweetheart.

Hakeem thinks he'll never be able to open his heart up again until he encounters a woman who piques his interest in every way at a friend's wedding.

Although they have so much in common, little do they know they are from completely different sides of life.

How will it turn out when they both experience a bit of the other side?

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FireFly24 FireFly24 Oct 08, 2015
Digging the cat and mouse game they playing....who's who I'm wondering
Simone22 Simone22 Sep 16, 2014
I do the exact same thing. If they ask the name I say Simone which is my middle name. Can't just out right say your real name to ppl just yet
chaterboxxx chaterboxxx Aug 04, 2014
Found this book on random and I'm already in love with Laila and Hakeem.! Anastasia sounds like one of my best friends too lol
RaeWrites_xo RaeWrites_xo Jan 12, 2014
This story man... brilliant! Laila&Hakeem can't wait to see what happens next, great story.
lovelygirl_123 lovelygirl_123 Dec 26, 2013
Great start. i love the interaction between laila and hakeem. please continue this story.
young_simba young_simba Dec 24, 2013
captivating start, i really like this so far. judging by the rest of your stories i know this is gonna be a great read.