Is This Friendship? (Percy Jackson)

Is This Friendship? (Percy Jackson)

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Mary-Jane Davies. MJ. That's my name, don't wear it out. 

Well, a lot of people, important people, are about to. She plays a much bigger role the she could imagon. Growing up, she learned how to surive on her own. Now she has good friends, Percy Jackson and Grover Underwood, and a chance to learn why strange thing keep happening. And for some strange reason, MJ finds her asking herself "Is this friendship?" in the worst of times and situaions.

(Sequel is up!)

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JayDaniels JayDaniels Jan 12, 2014
This sounds like it's going to be a good story. I just finished the series so I'll read this soon! :D
ainsleystyles ainsleystyles Jan 09, 2014
When you mentioned Spiderman I was like cool I like Spiderman and then when you mentioned Harry potter I died I LOVE Harry potter lol
MJ_Davies MJ_Davies Apr 20, 2013
@pinkieshy73 Hey, nobody judges here on MJ unless they want to be attacked by said girl
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